Boost Your Blog Income With This Amazing New WordPress News Ticker Ads Plugin

"Increasing advertising without annoying your visitors has never been easier!"

WordPress News Scroller WP Plugin with MRR

Get your News Ticker Ads WP Plugin + WP AutoPeel (both with Master Resale Rights) for the Special Ltd. Price of $47 $27 .. ONLY $7.00 !!!

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  • Easy to use WordPress plugin adds news ticker style ads to your blog.  Just insert your affiliate links!
  • Easily change the font family and size, affiliate link seperator, background, border and font colour with just a few clicks.
  • Sit back and watch your new advertising do its job!

Step 1: Add your affiliate links...

WordPress News Scroller WP Plugin with MRR

Simply add all your affiliate links and news ticker text into the admin panel.

Step 2: Edit the ticker settings...

Edit the font family and size, affiliate link seperator, background, border and font colours.

Step 3: Add the ticker to your blog!

Finally, add the ticker to posts, pages and sidebars by simply inserting the supplied short code tag.

Getting Your Ads Read Has Never Been Harder

More than ever before we live in an attention deficit disorder world, with lots of advertising media clamouring for the eyes and ears of anyone who will look. And to make it worse, most people are becoming increasingly blind to ads, and even tuning them out or in the case of radio and TV, turning them down as soon as they come on.

(Did you know it's common practice for the TV companies to turn TV ad volume up by 20% in the breaks?  This is so you can still hear the ad while you've gone to get a drink or snack!  I don't know about you, but I'm in the habit of turning them right down to about 10% volume now and starting up or continuing a conversation.)

So What's The Answer?

Certainly, louder more in-your-face advertising is NOT the way to go.  It just has the opposite effect on your visitors.

What you need to do is to get the attention of your prospects in a subtle way, one that they're not going to realise is happening.

But how?

We believe we've hit a home run with our news ticker style plugin for all your WordPress blogs.  It adds a simple but deadly effective scroller in the style, size and location you choose.

Simply load up your text and links, place a simple short code tag wherever you want the ad scroller to appear and away you go.  You can place the ad scroller in your posts and pages, and anywhere in your sidebars by using one of the built in WordPress text widgets, and make them as wide or as narrow as you wish.

You can even set the font style and size, background, border and font colours!

Here's a screenshot of an example narrow 250 pixel wide scroller in the "Courier New" font at 16px size with a black border and font, and a yellow background:-

WordPress News Ticker WP Plugin with MRR

It's easy to do and we show you how.


WordPress News Ticker WP Plugin with MRR

Master Resale Rights License Terms

[YES] Can be given away free (Personal Use Rights Only - rights MUST be sold

[YES] Can be sold

[YES] Can be offered as a bonus for a paid product

[YES] Can be bundled/packaged with other paid products and sold

[YES] Can sell Resale Rights

[YES] Can sell Master Resale Rights


[NO] Can sell Private Label Rights

[NO] Can be included in membership sites (free or paid)

[NO] Can sell on auction sites

[NO] Can sell on and all the similar sites

[NO] Can be sold as a WSO.

Get your News Ticker Ads WP Plugin
with Master Resale Rights for the Special Price
of $47 $27   ONLY $7.00 

PLUS ...


GRAB Your Visitors Attention Back And Boost Your Income (And Subscriber List) Just By Placing A Simple Corner Peel Ad On Your Site

Don't Let People Tune Out Your Messages...

Getting your visitors attention can be the biggest problem you face.

We're all constantly subjected to advertising in one form or another (it feels like) our entire waking day. So if you have an important message you want to get across, it can be extremely difficult to make your point.

Let's face it, people can sometimes just get annoyed with ads and what you're trying to do to earn a living.

And think about this. Just like you can automatically learn to tune out background noise, most people have become "ad blind" to most types of ads and have "tuned them out".

What you need is to grab back their attention, but *without annoying them*.

Introducing WP Autopeel...

WP AutoPeel + MRR

WP Autopeel is both a standalone script and a WordPress plugin for your convenience. So you can run it on both static HTML sites as well as WordPress blogs.

What it does is create a really cool looking page peel effect in the top right hand corner of your web page.

This draws the eye and compels people to click it. When they click to see what it is, they're directed to a new page and you make your offer.

Now all you have to do is put in a small amount of effort to create your ad and then watch your site visitors click it.

At Its Simplest

The easiest way of using WP Autopeel is with WordPress and you can be up and running with your ad in minutes.

How Does It Work?

Many people are now using browser addons to temporarily disable Flash just to avoid seeing the ever increasing number of Flash based banner ads. We've all seen them on sites like eBay.

Well unlike similar flash based solutions, WP Autopeel uses javascript to do the corner peel effect.

This means that while many people won't see the Flash based peel ads, because there's no good reason to disable javascript, they WILL see your corner peel. And the reason that hardly anyone disables javascript is because without it, many web sites won't work correctly.

Javascript is also a lot easier on the processor than Flash, meaning users of older computers will still be able to see your corner peel ads without seeing their computer crawl to a standstill.

These two reasons mean that there's a better chance of your corner peel ads being seen by your site visitors.

WordPress Plugin And HTML Versions...

Included in this package is a WordPress plugin to easily allow you to use this technique on your blogs and also the plain javascript code to enable you to use it on a static HTML sales page.

This means that if you prefer to use WordPress as your sales medium, you can use the plugin version. If you prefer traditional long sales copy on a single page, you can still use the technique by using the HTML version.

We've made it very easy to use.

All you need to do is to add some simple [tags] to your page and upload a few files. Yes, it's that simple...

Works With All Major Browsers...

I have tested both the WP plugin and the HTML version in all major browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Safari...

If you want to see an example of web page with the script installed (HTML version), just scroll up and take a look to the top right corner... And you can open this page in all the browsers you have installed on your computer.

Also, I have tested the WP plugin using several Wordpress versions, starting from 2.8.6 to 3.0.3. Just click the links below to see an example of  a blog with the plugin installed and working (all links will open in a new window).

WP 3.0.3 --- WP 3.0.3

And you can open these pages too in all the browsers you have installed on your computer.

If you have tested the pages above, you might have noticed that ALL the peel-away links have opened in a new window. This feature is working for both the WP plugin version and for the HTML version. This way, you can be sure that your visitors will not leave your blog or site...

OK, I'm In... But Where
Can I Get Some Peel Graphics?

NO PROBLEM! I have taken care of that part too...

First, I have created some simple graphics that are provided as PSD files. Just show/hide the layers in those files by clicking on the "eye" icon in your layers palette until you are hapy with the result, and save your file as a .jpg image (large.jpg or small.jpg). And don't worry, you can open these files either with Photoshop/Photoshop Elements or with the free GIMP...

And second, just take a look at my...

Super Bonus

15 Peel Away Graphics
with Private Label Rights

15 peel away graphics + plr

Don't miss out on this great technique for getting your message across and improving your sales.

Take advantage of my current good mood and grab WP Autopeel now while you can at this bargain basement price. After I've hit my target 200 sales, the price WILL go up. Although this is such a cool method that you probably wouldn't mind paying double the price you see today.

Wouldn't you?

Master Resale Rights Included!

WP Autopeel is both an easy to use WordPress plugin and on top of that you also get the code you need for your standalone HTML sales pages.

WP Autopeel will give you a competitive advantage by gaining the attention of those visitors you would normally have lost.


ONLY $7.00

I realise that I'd be a little crazy not to accept this amazing offer, so count me in!

ORDER WordPress News Ticker WP Plugin with MRR here

ORDER WordPress News Ticker WP Plugin with MRR here

Wishing You Success,
Derek Pryde

This news ticker style plugin is so easy to use that we guarantee you'll have it up and running in 5 minutes flat!

P.P.S. It's more important than ever not to annoy your visitors with too much advertising.  By placing this small and unobtrusive but eye-catching news ticker to your blog, you'll increase the likelihood of getting your ad noticed in this minimal attention world.